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The SafeOp Neural InformatixSystem delivers surgeons objective, real-time, actionable information throughout the LIF procedure.

Key Features

  • ATEC proprietary peripheral devices are designed to seamlessly integrate critical neural information into ATEC procedural solutions
  • Real-time, dynamic EMG technology provides confirmation of safe passage during lateral exposure
  • Proprietary Validated Response Thresholding (VRT) algorithm is designed to deliver industry-leading nerve detection while significantly reducing the incidence of false positive responses
  • Powered by advanced signal processing, SafeOp delivers an unparalleled ability to monitor femoral nerve health throughout the lateral procedure
Photo by Robert Godwin

SafeOp’s automated SSEP is the first technology to deliver real-time feedback about the integrity of the femoral nerve throughout the surgery, providing information I can take action on to prevent injury to that critical neural structure.

- William Taylor, Md