Informed Surgery

Empowering surgeons to tailor patient-specific plans with EOS data and information.


spineEOS is a 3D surgical planning tool designed to provide a deeper understanding of the patient’s alignment and deformity. 

Through seamlessly integrating EOS full-body functional and dynamic images, 3D reconstructions and reproducible clinical parameters, spineEOS allows surgeons to tailor a patient-specific plan aiming to restore coronal and sagittal alignment. 

3D Reconstructions

EOS 3DServices works as an extension of a clinical practice, transforming EOS images into 3D reconstructions. Images are transmitted to the 3DServices team using a secure data connection. Highly specialized radiology technologists deliver accurate and on-time 3D measurements. 


  • Weight-bearing axial rotation of each vertebral segment from T1 to L5
  • Understand the deformity level by level

Lower Limbs

  • Accurate leg length, alignment, and knee flexion/ extension measurements1
  • Accurate torsion measurements2

It is now recognized that measurement of the Cobb angle based on a 2D image is insufficient for the assessment of AIS: EOS has revolutionized the assessment of AIS.

- Smith, JS, Shaffrey, CJ, Bess, S., et al.
Recent and Emerging Advances in Spinal Deformity, 20183


hipEOS brings additional value to surgeon partners performing total hip arthroplasty. Using 3D information to assess spinopelvic changes from seated and standing positions, hipEOS allows surgeons to determine the size, position, and orientation of implants.


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