EOSedge™ captures simultaneous, full-body frontal and lateral images of the patient in a functional standing position.


EOSedge is the latest revolutionary platform with enhanced image quality, dose-reduction capabilities, and an innovative design to accommodate a wider range of patients. 

EOSedge uses new Flex Dose™ technology to modulate radiation throughout scans using body morphology. Flex Dose delivers up to an 80% overall radiation reduction compared to the same acquisition without Flex Dose.

Bi-Plane Radiographs

EOSedge is the first general X-ray system to embed a photon-counting detector resulting in excellent image quality and driving potential advanced applications. 

Shay Bess, MD

We believe EOS is the only technology to assess alignment... It’s a must for me to accurately assess my patients.

- Shay Bess, MD
Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Denver International Spine Center

Future of EOS-informed Surgery*


Seamless Data Access


Bone Quality


Informed Surgical Planning


Intraoperative Execution


Patient and Care Analytics


Predictive Analytics

Versatility Across Orthopedic Imaging Suite

 Ability to perform conventional radiographic exams, as well as functional exams including bending, flexion, extension, and seated acquisitions. 

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*Currently unapproved uses of the EOS System