ATEC Neocore Osteoconductive Matrix is a synthetic scaffold (ß-TCP and collagen) that provides an effective environment for bone growth. When hydrated with patient bone marrow aspirate (BMA), ATEC Neocore becomes a complete bone graft, possessing all the necessary components of bone growth.

Key Features

  • Neocore has the same components as cancellous bone: calcium phosphate (ß-TCP) and porous collagen.
  • With 95% ß-TCP, Neocore resorbs at a more physiologic rate so it won’t leave a void that can become filled with fibrotic material, which is a common concern with other ß-TCPs.
  • Neocore is designed to mimic cancellous bone in micro-architecture and is very consistent. The collagen structure of Neocore mimics demineralized cancellous bone.
  • The collagen is cross-linked non-chemically (dehydrothermal cross-linking) and maintains a cell-friendly environment. Cross-linking the collagen is important to slow the digestion by enzymes in blood and tissue fluids.
  • Neocore strips hydrate thoroughly, quickly, and easily.
  • Neocore strips are flexible, moldable, and compression resistant.