LIF | Alpha Informatix™


ATEC’s SafeOp Neural Informatix System provides surgeons real-time, actionable information to detect and monitor the health of nerves at risk during the LIF procedure.

William Taylor

SafeOp’s automated SSEP is the first technology to deliver real-time feedback about the integrity of the femoral nerve throughout the surgery.

William Taylor, MD
Clinical Professor of Surgery, San Diego, California

Key Features

  • SafeOp’s proprietary peripheral devices are designed to seamlessly integrate critical neural information into ATEC’s LIF approaches.
  • Real-time tEMG nerve detection provides reliable information regarding the direction and proximity of relevant neural anatomy.
  • SafeOp’s Validated Response Thresholding (VRT) algorithm is designed to deliver industry-leading nerve detection while reducing the incidence of false positive responses.
  • Powered by advanced signal processing, SafeOp delivers an unparalleled ability to monitor femoral nerve health throughout lateral procedures.
Click to view SafeOp Product Video More Information Intended Use / Purpose
The SafeOp System is intended for use by trained healthcare professionals as a diagnostic device that provides intraoperative neuromonitoring during various surgical procedures. 
General Cautions/Precautions
The SafeOp System acts as an adjunct to clinical judgment and training. Clinical judgment and training should always be utilized when interpreting the physiological signals recorded by the SafeOp System.  

For more information regarding the potential benefits and risks associated with the SafeOp System refer to links above.