Informing Better Surgery

Standardized Imaging

EOSedge™ captures simultaneous, full-body frontal and lateral images of the patient in a functional standing position – enabling a true, global assessment of all alignment factors.

Standardized images with best-in-class radiographic technology.

  • Full-body, weight-bearing images
  • Simultaneous frontal and lateral acquisitions
  • 1:1 calibration with no magnification or stitching
  • High resolution with homogeneous image contrast
  • Low Dose and Micro Dose protocols

Quantified Global Alignment

EOS assessment provides improved, more reproducible alignment measurements.1Leverage full-body EOS images and reports to establish unbiased preoperative objectives and evaluate radiographic outcomes along the continuum of care.

Informed Surgery

Hear why an EOS-informed surgery will elevate the likelihood of achieving the surgeon’s alignment objectives.


1Okamoto M, Jabour F, Sakai K, Hatsushikano S, Le Huec JC, Hasegawa K. Sagittal balance measures are more reproducible when measured in 3D vs in 2D using full-body EOS® images. Eur Radiol 2018 Nov;28(11):4570-7.