Product Return Policy

Customer Service Contacts

Call: 800-922-1356
Fax: 800-431-9722

All returns, repairs and replacements for purchased products shall be referred to Alphatec Spine, Inc.’s (“ATEC”) customer service organization (contacts below). All returns require a return materials authorization (“RMA”) number issued by ATEC’s customer service organization to be prominently displayed on the outside of the shipping container and on any return documents, otherwise credit or exchange may not be possible or timely processed. Returns must be received within 15 days of issuance of the RMA.

All sales are final, however, products may be returned if it:

  1. was shipped in error;
  2. was delivered within 90 days of the product’s expiration date;
  3. was received in damaged condition; or
  4. is specifically authorized for return by Supplier, including for any warranty, product complaint, or recall circumstances.

ATEC will issue a full credit for products returned that were not ordered by Hospital and provide replacement for product received by the Hospital within 90 days before or following the product’s expiration date. In these circumstances, returned product must be in its original packaging.

ATEC will issue a full credit or replacement for products returned that were received in damaged condition (unless the applicable terms of sale provide that risk of loss for transit resides with Hospital) and that can be confirmed to have been in such condition before delivery. It is recommended that Hospital take photos upon receipt of the damaged goods and submit them along with the request for an RMA. If ATEC reasonably determines that the damage did not occur before the product was in the possession of Hospital, unless it is shown to have been done by a representative of ATEC, no credit or exchange will be provided.

Items are not returnable for credit or exchange include any item that (except as provided above):

  1. expires or spoils while in the possession of Hospital;
  2. has been used, opened, rendered unsterile or is incomplete when returned;
  3. is prohibited by applicable law from being returned;
  4. is not evidenced by invoice, requisition or other documentation to have been purchased by or shipped to Hospital;
  5. comes from inventory that is still owned by ATEC, such as consigned or loaner product;
  6. was purchased from a third party that is not an authorized distributor of ATEC;
  7. custom products and special orders;
  8. items not returned before 30 days have elapsed from the issuance of the RMA;
  9. items reasonably believed by ATEC to have been damaged by Hospital or surgeon.

Items returned for recall will be subject to additional limitations and procedures that will be provided by ATEC at the time of recall.

All requests for RMA must specify the reason for return, product identification information, and purchase order or invoice reference number.

Shipments should be addressed to ATEC’s Carlsbad location at:

ATEC Spine, Inc.
1950 Camino Vida Roble
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Attn: Returns; RMA#[FILL IN NUMBER]