PLIF | Fixation


Invictus is ATEC’s comprehensive spinal fixation platform, designed to treat a range of pathologies with intraoperative adaptability and surgical predictability through an open, MIS, or hybrid approach.

Vedat Deviren, MD

Combining the surgeon teams’ historical knowledge with the development teams’ unmatched design experience we created a tailor-made [Invictus] system to address simple, and in my case, complex pathology from any approach.

Vedat Deviren, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon, San Francisco, California

Key Features

  • DEPENDABLE: Leverages patented and dependable helical flange tulip technology to reduce the potential to cross-thread and help eliminate tulip splay.
  • ADAPTABLE: Adapts intraoperatively to surgical techniques with robust instruments and a wide variety of implants designed to accept multiple rod diameters and materials.
  • PREDICTABLE : Integrates with ATECs Neural Informatix System SafeOP to predictability provide surgeons with real time action information to detect and monitor the health of nerves at risk during posterior fixation.

Intended Use / Purpose

The Invictus Spinal Fixation System is intended to help provide immobilization and stabilization of spinal segments as an adjunct to fusion of the thoracic, lumbar, and/or sacral spine.


Risks identified with the use of these devices, which may require additional surgery, include device component failure, loss of fixation/stabilization, non-union, vertebral fracture, neurological injury, vascular or visceral injury.

For more information regarding the potential benefits and risks associated with the Invictus System refer to links above.