PLIF | Interbody Implants


ATEC’s IdentiTi Posterior Straight Porous Ti Interbody Implants are designed to provide the biological, biomechanical, and imaging characteristics that surgeons seek in a fusion construct. The subtractive process used to manufacture each IdentiTi Implant results in more predictable mechanical performance and enhanced imaging characteristics. IdentiTi implants take advantage of bone’s affinity for titanium and, because of their porosity, have a surface roughness that enhances stability.¹

Key Features

  • Commercially-pure titanium
  • Multiple lordosis and footprint options to accommodate varying surgical requirements
  • Fully interconnected porosity to promote bony on-growth and in-growth (as seen in animal model)2-3
  • Reduced density (60% porous) to enhance intraoperative and postoperative imaging
  • Porous titanium has a stiffness similar to bone.4
¹Data on file – LIT-84895
2Data on file – LIT-84894
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