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Invictus MIS SingleStep is a simplified approach to traditional minimally invasive pedicle screw placement, utilizing an all-in-one driver designed to improve surgical efficiency without compromising accuracy. SingleStep eliminates guidewire management and targeting needles, while reducing instrument passes, procedural steps, screw insertion time, and reliance on fluoroscopy.¹

Dr. Tyler Smith

SingleStep represents an evolutionary leap in percutaneous pedicle screw instrumentation. By removing steps in the sequence of targeting and implantation, the result is an elegant system that is faster, tactile, and more reproducible. In a word, it is simple. It is easy to make a product different, but the new ATEC has made the approach better.

Tyler Smith, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon, Roseville, California

Key Features

  • Invictus Extended Tab Reduction Screw is uniquely designed for the SingleStep technique
  • Combined with SafeOp™ automated EMG technology, the SingleStep approach offers real-time trajectory and placement confirmation during stylet and screw insertion, providing a predictable fixation solution.
¹Data on file – LIT-17021

Intended Use / Purpose
The Invictus Spinal Fixation System is intended to help provide immobilization and stabilization of spinal segments as an adjunct to fusion of the thoracic, lumbar, and/or sacral spine.

Risks identified with the use of these devices, which may require additional surgery, include device component failure, loss of fixation/stabilization, non-union, vertebral fracture, neurological injury, vascular or visceral injury.

The SingleStep stylet should be monitored using fluoroscopic imaging to prevent advancement through the vertebral body in order to prevent damage to underlying structures.

For more information regarding the potential benefits and risks associated with the Invictus System refer to links above.