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Invictus MIS Modular

Invictus Modular Fixation System is designed to enhance the adaptability of the Invictus Spinal Fixation System with the power of modularity.

Key features:

  • Leverages dependable helical flange tulip technology to reduce cross-thread potential and help eliminate tulip splay
  • Boasts modular tulip interconnection strength 4.5x greater than the average pull-out strength of pedicle screws 1,2
  • Adapts intraoperatively to surgical techniques with robust instruments and customizable modular implants designed to accept multiple rod diameters and materials
  • Advances the standard of Modular Fixation with a guidewire-less SingleStepTM technique to deliver modular shank and SigmaTM blade with one instrument pass
  • Integrates with ATEC’s Neural Informatix System, SafeOp™, to predictably provide surgeons with real-time, actionable information to detect and monitor the health of nerves at risk during posterior fixationInstills confidence with audible, tactile and visual confirmation of reproducible tulip-to-shank attachment

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2Data on file TR-101078