PLIF | TLIF Interbody Implants

Calibrate PSX™

ATEC’s Calibrate Posterior Straight Expandable (PSX) Interbody System specializes in addressing sagittal malalignment with the ability to dial in the ideal anatomical lordosis per patient. The implant profile in the collapsed state provides minimal insertion height that maximizes ease of insertion without sacrificing correction. Through the expandable design, the implant matches the concavity of the anatomical endplates, increases surface area contact, and further reduces the risk of point loading. PSX’s surface coating treatment, NanoTec, further aids and accelerates post-operative fusion rates.


  • Wide range of lordosis ranging from 0°-20°
  • Passive auto-lock
  • Low profiBulleted nose to ease insertion
  • Seamless post-packing solution with AlphaGraft DBM FiberFlow
  • NanoTec treated surfaces for increased on-growth
  • One inserter for insertion expansion and post-packing