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Calibrate PSX

ATEC’s Calibrate Posterior Straight Expandable (PSX) Interbody System is designed to correct sagittal malalignment by allowing precise surgeon-controlled adjustments to achieve physiological lordosis for each patient. The implant features a low-profile when collapsed, facilitating insertion without compromising sagittal corrective capabilities. Once expanded, the implant conforms to the contour of the endplates, maximizing surface area contact while minimizing point loading. Additionally, PSX is treated with NanoTec™, a hydroxyapatite surface treatment that enhances and accelerates integration of new bone growth onto and around the implants.1, 2, 3, 4


  • Achieve physiological lordosis from 0°-20° through passive auto-locking design.
  • Minimize passes with a single inserter designed to insert, expand, and post-pack with AlphaGraft™ DBM FiberFlow.
  • Enhance the potential for bony on-growth with NanoTec treated surfaces.


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